Colour Guide

Jet Black #1 - The name speaks for this one! Our darkest shade is perfect for dyed black hair.


Natural Black #1B - A natural-looking shade, just shy of Jet Black, with warm brown undertones.


Darkest Brown #2 - A cult classic for our brunettes. A deep brown with warm undertones.


Dark Brown #4 - Slightly lighter than our #2 Darkest Brown with the same warm undertone.


Dark Brown Highlights #P4/10 - A subtle blend of our Light Caramel and Dark Brown shades.


Medium Brown #6 - A coppery chestnut brown with warm/golden undertones.


Light Ash Brown #8 - A lighter brown shade with ash tones.


Bronde Highlights #P6/613 - Our Medium Brown shade mixed with our Medium Blonde.


Light Caramel Brown #10 - A warm caramel shade like a butterscotch lolly. If blonde and brown were to have a baby, it'd be this colour right here!


Dark Blonde Highlights #P10/24 - A beautiful blend of our Light Caramel Brown and Dark Blonde.


Honey Blonde #16A warm beige golden blonde tone.


Beige Blonde #18A - Our beige blonde with ash tones, #16 Honey Blondes cooler older sister. 


Dark Blonde #24 - A warm champagne blonde that has golden undertones.


Beach Blonde Highlights #P18A/613 - A combination of ash and golden beachy blonde tones.


Blonde #613 - A warm creamy blonde.


Light Blonde #60 - A platinum blonde that maintains mild warmth throughout for added dimension.


Light Ash Blonde #60A - A light blonde with ash undertones.


#Silver - A cool tone platinum grey.


*Please note we only carry some colours in each method; we provide a complimentary colour ring for all our trade clients with their first purchase*


How else can I get my perfect colour? 

We do our best to colour-grade all images and videos. However, display settings can alter image colour. We provide a free colour match service using our Help Me Choose portal. 

Please send us a quick flick of your hair using the guidelines and maybe a brief description of your hair needs, and one of our Hair Speaclisits will get back to you.


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