Our Story


Amèlura is an amalgamation of hair enthusiasts with a drive to change the role hair extensions can play in our lives and all the knowledge you need to get the best wear.

So, what was the great idea behind Amélura Hair?  Some of the wildest ideas stem from the poorest of experiences .. and that's the core of us.




When Amelura was merely an idea, we spent time understanding what has been done and what's yet to be done. Hair extensions have been around for over 5,000 years. Since then, a lot has changed in the hair extension world, but it has been relatively stagnant in recent years.


Coming in as a small but new-age business gives us the advantage of meticulous research and dynamic procedures to give you the best product with everything in between. Many suppliers have adopted methods and hair quality that served them well in the early 2000s but need to be updated—often working as OEM.


There's a lot that goes into your extension set. The colour, density, gram, pieces, length, bond type, clip type, adhesive type, and length percentage, amongst many others. Every set of Amelura Hair extensions has been curated just for us, giving us complete control and understanding of quality- thus giving you the Amélura touch.




2013 - My first ever experience with clip-in hair extensions. I was in high school and was putting my hair through absolute hell. I had bleached my hair with sun-in, then coloured it bright red, black, copper, and then back to brown (within the span of a year and a half) all the while using products high in sulphates and parabens and had no clue about what heat protectant was, and that's not even the nitty-gritty. Safe to say, Clip-In Hair extensions and a hair brush became mandatory (so I thought)


2014 - 15 - After wearing (and ruining) my clips-in for almost a year. I decided to commit to something permanent .... in comes the tape extensions. Remember that I had done zero research and had oily hair; I just wanted long, thick hair. I was on the way to school one day and felt someone tap my shoulder, I turned around, and a man had two pieces of my tape extensions in his hand and said, "Hey, your hair is falling out." I then spent the night using coconut oil to take each tape out. Not to mention at this stage my hair extensions had matted, and knotted with every head movement.


2015 - My experience with extensions up until now hadn't been good, and I was a little swayed about getting them again, but I couldn't wait, so I got weft hair extensions. I thought I had finally found the perfect hair extensions; and I may have if I knew how to care for them. They were long, thick and not sliding out of my hair. I had gone four months without a lift (if you specialise in or wear hair extensions, you're cringing, I know)




My hair was ruined, and I spent hours taking my weft extensions out because I was too embarrassed to see a professional. I had not only successfully taken out the extensions but clumps of my hair too. After washing my hair that night, the shower basin was filled with clusters of my hair and what was left of my hair felt like a rat's tail.

This was the turning point in my experience with hair extensions. I swore never to wear them again and started my hair revival journey with lots of oiling, diet changes, gentle brushing, better hair products, switching to silk etc. I got my hair pretty healthy. See my before and after below:




Fast forward to the last three years, I have again become an extensionee but not like how I used to. I now switch between clip-ins, halos, and occasional tapes to make my hair fuller and still keep my natural hair as healthy as ever. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding the pains and wonders of hair extensions and work towards solving and embracing them. Our personal experiences over the years and our ability to understand our customers' pain points make us who we are. Value and great hair are among the many incredible things we stand for. 





For many, it reflects our identities, the moods we drift between, and the impressions we want to leave on the world. A means of self-care to feel beautiful and a feature that allows us to transform and take risks on our terms, all from the comfort of our home. So, when those terms change due to postpartum hair loss, thinning and damaged hair, or simply a desire to change it up, we want to help. We tried to find a way to lift you, send you forward and enhance what you already have, one strand at a time.


Our products are here to change the perception that hair extensions can always feel fake, damage your natural hair and be overly mysterious about where and how they were made.


We have spent time working on and immersing ourselves in all things hair and hair health. We now have created hair extensions at the forefront of industry innovation, ethically sourced and utterly chic to wear. Products that give your hair new life and remove the confusion about application and maintenance. Our team of confessed hair addicts pride itself on genuine customer service so that you can understand all aspects of using our extensions. We aim to provide service that makes you feel cared for and helped adequately so that you can hit the ground running … hair flowing in the wind.


We recognise that our interactions with you start from our company culture, and as with our hair range, we work to nourish this every day to remain our best and most transparent selves.

Amèlura is here to bring you confidence within yourself and your hair extensions through our expertise, excellent range of products and dedication to beautiful, healthy hair that doesn't have to be grown by you to feel like yours.