Our Factory & Team




Our Melbourne based team are dedicated to the day to day element of Amelura, this is where all the nitty-gritty happens. 


Here we tackle the day to day, innovate and create everything you see today. All of our team members have diverse work experiences , which gives us our edge and expertise in understanding what you need. 






The Factory & Operations

At Amèlura Hair, it is paramount that we not only operate ethically but fairly and in a manner that is kind to the environment; our facilities are equipped with the latest technology in hair extension design to stay at the forefront of our industry but also cooperate with our innovation. 

We ensure that our manufacturer's procedures are consistent and highly regulated to guarantee the best for our workers and customers. All hair is hand sourced, sampled, and assessed for strict quality assurance.


All hair donors are compensated for their time and generosity, as they are integral to our business and the confidence of our customers. Our communication channels with our factories remain solid and open at all times.



The Team:

Our team in Shandong have been making the magic that is your hair happen for over ten years. We have meticulously researched and tested the hair extensions market to find incredible quality and a team that is an extension of us, not an addition (pun intended).


Our specialised team of over 100 are hair enthusiasts at heart, dedicating their time to becoming pioneers in their industry and working together to achieve this. They prioritise their team culture and space as well as R&R and growth throughout their company.